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Weekly Fundamental and Trade plans December 5-9

Fundamental Market is expecting a ‘No Vote’ from Italian referendum. And we might see some changes from ECB as FED hike is coming and there was oil output freeze agreement on OPEC. Higher oil…

GBPJPY Hit the TP at November 21

After a week GBPJPY just hit the TP (take profit) . It was more than 450 Pips total. I will be long again once GBPJPY break the 138.82 by price reaction.

Weekly Fundamental and Trade Setups November 21-25

Fundamental: Aftermath of the victory of Trump in US election makes Dollar strong. Dollar index is record 14 years high. And emerging markets are still facing consequences as Dollar on the key…

GBPJPY Breakout confirmation ahead of 450 Pips!

I am using FxPro chart your broker could have little different price. After an unbelievable Trump win dollar is getting bullish on the other hand safe-haven currency JPY is bearish. With less…