We have very simple 15 Terms & Conditions of Privacy/User Policy please check Terms & Conditions of our Privacy/User policy for visitors/subscribers/members/customers below:


1. Privacy Statement:

FxTemper.com has created this privacy statement in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to privacy. The following discloses our information gathering and dissemination practices for the website FxTemper.com

2. Customer/member Identifiable Information:

Our site’s registration form and subscription form requires users to give us in depth contact information. This information is used to help us serve you better. It is never shared with third parties, except when you specifically authorize us. Your contact information is also used by our staff to contact you when necessary. Financial information that is collected is used to bill the user for services only, and we do not share this information with our partners, or any 3rd parties.

3. Gathering of System Information:

When you use FxTemper.com’s services we track your activity on our website. Your personal information is used to identify you in our system, allowing FxTemper.com to contact you about the status of your order or respond to your questions via e-mail or telephone, and to allow you to store your basic information for repeat checkouts. We also use the information gathered from tracking user activities to improve our service. We also track your Internet Protocol (IP) address, domain name (if applicable), browser type and cache data, session duration, and transaction data, which is available to any site to which you connect. FxTemper.com uses this information to administer the site and to further improve our service to you. But we never sell/provide your any information to any 3rd parties.

4. Internal Use of Information:

Our site provides a mechanism for people to send feedback and request more information. This information is not uniquely stored, but may be aggregated with other data to insure that we properly meet users’ expectations and have the necessary resources planned to accommodate future growth. A user’s contact information is also used to get in touch with the user when necessary. Financial information that is collected is used to bill the customer/member for products at the time of checkout, and for this purpose only, through our secure payment gateway.

5. Tracking of Cookies:

A cookie is a small piece of data that is sent to your browser from a web server and stored on your computer’s hard drive. Cookies from FxTemper.com do not damage your computer. We use cookies to save your password, so you don’t have to enter your password on every page. We never share anything cookie information with any 3rd parties.

6. Using Your Site & Information:

FxTemper.com will hold the right to use your information & website as an example/sample to other clients (we show our working only), but your personal information will not be shown to anyone else. The work that will be done by us will be an example of our work and it will be possible for our team to use those website or links to set as an example to increase our own popularity.

7. Ordering Issues:

A customer/member/member must order through our website FxTemper.com. Any other way of ordering will not be count as an official order. It is important to notice that one customer/member must have their own log in id/payment transaction ID, that will be his or hers identity and that customer/member will be able to order any work using that email. We only allow our website to collect orders any other methods will be mark as spams.

8. Payment Issues:

Our customer/member must pay us using a verified payment method that we accept. Once you order us means you have to purchase any service/course from us; you must have to pay us before we prepare membership/course/service for you. If you want to cancel your order/subscription, you have to inform us and follow our Refund Policy to get refund. Read more at our Refund Policy page.

9. Spam or Fraud Issue:

If we get any proof of fraud or spam from any customer/member, our company will immediately cancel that order and the payment will be back to its source after our Gateway Charge. Read more at our Refund policy page.

10. Sharing Your Information:

We don’t share your personal, billing and other important information to others. However, when it comes to the order of court such as warrants, we will be showing your information to the court only.

11. Copyright:

We value our copyright most. Without permission/agreement anything (articles, idea, analysis, analyzed chart, methods such as our main product ‘Core Price Action’ course) used/published on this website (FxTemper.com) is ours only. Under any circumstance you can’t use them under your name or share the premium products; they will be used against you in court. However, free articles published for free members/visitors/free-subscribers can be share in social media.

12. Membership Policy:

We have the right to suspend any premium member/members if he/she/they violet any of our membership policy that could be harmful for FxTemper.com and its reputation. He/She/They will not get any refund and might face court if violation is damaging.
Membership policies:
(a) Under any circumstances member/members can’t attack other member’s race/color of skin/religion/country! We will show zero tolerance whoever he/she/they is/are.
(b) Any activity that could harm FxTemper.com (technically/economically/others) and its reputation.

13. Update Policy:

This site gives users the following options and features for changing and modifying information previously provided:
Log in to your account with the account login link on our website. Upon entering your registered email and password, you are free to edit or remove your information at any time.
If you have trouble editing or removing your details for any reason, simply contact us with your change request through the Contact page or our official email or ticketing system on our website. Do not provide any information without our domain @fxtemper.com email address. We don’t take any responsibility if you send your secret information to other people.

14. Changing Issue:

When we say ‘we’ means the authority of FxTemper.com And we have the right to change any privacy policy anytime we want. And once you purchase/subscribe with us means you agree with all of our terms & conditions of any policy and your local policy.

15. Contacting FxTemper.com :

Contacting with us/FxTemper.com means you contact through our website or our given official email or official phone number, others contact will be ignored:

Contact information of FxTemper.com is:
Website: FxTemper.com
Tel./Mobile: +8801813115227
E-mail: connect [at]FxTemper.com
Or Contact Page of our website here.