You will learn where to take an entry and where to close And more importantly Why?

You heard a lot from successful traders that trading is easy. Just sell from the Resistant and buy the Support. And you will make profit from 70% trades if you identify them (S&R) correctly! But whenever you trigger entries, you messed up!

When you trade a breakout it turns out that was a fakeout! And when you wait longer for confirmation you find it’s too late to take the trade and risk and reward ratio is in warning level!

What if I show you there is a way to identify the exact location of Support and Resistant? You don’t need to put an average horizontal line touching every possible top/bottom or don’t have to count every swing high/low for the support/resistant! You are good to trade even if the support/resistant broke by single pip (candle/price closing)! And it would never fakeout! This method used by 3 Swiss banks and I did not find a single fake breakout in the chart of last 25 years (I checked major pairs)!

Most traders draw Trendline wrong, they make them looks fancy, but chart goes mathematic and doesn’t matter if its fancy or not.

I will show you only 5 candlestick patterns that matters rest don’t. And you will know how candle get a ‘Reaction’ and ‘Rejection’ from Support or Resistant (which makes the difference between a win and loose trade). Why 99% traders wrong about Supply and Demand zone! You will master the chart patterns that you never imagine before.

You will learn where to take an entry and importantly where to out. When to put ‘Stop Loss’ and when not! Which one is Support & Resistant and more importantly, ‘why’? I will make you an independent trader in 3 months. You will never need any indicators, scripts except naked charts. This price action analysis is applicable to any market. This is the core of price action.

My success trade ratio is more than 90% and you will get at least 6-10 entries per month and returns are more than 30% a month on any balance (double the balance in every 3 months safely)!

I was a lost trader who used to trade using lots of indicators. But one of my friend referred Mr. Bhuiya to improve my trade strategy. He changed my view on chart once I took his price action course! I got first-hand lessons by him. I have been trading his price action method since last 8 months. I take 6-7 trades a month but make 20-30% return while I was making 2% taking 100+ trades a month! I have a very clear view on chart now. I really appreciate his approach for his blog, more traders can learn now. I want to thank him for his help.
-Charles Caleb, USA

I doubled my balance 3 times in last 8 months! I started with £10K now having £80K+! And I took minimum risk (according to his course its call Zero Risk)! Don’t you think it is amazing to know which support/resistant to follow and others to ignore? I was shocking to know that there was no market crash in history which gone against price action! I made profit from Brexit! I regret that my TP was hit at 1.35 from 1.4675 ! I could have get another 1000 pips if I didn’t use TP!
I am grateful to Shaon to make my trading so simple. I am a full time Trader now though I don’t have to spend more than an hour a day (take tradse once D1 Close and wait to hit the TP)!

Petrarch, UK

Part 1:
  •  Basics of Trading
Part 2:  Technical
  • Adv. Support & Resistance
  • Adv. Trendlines
  • Reaction & Rejection
  • Identifying Fake Breakout
  • Supply & Demand Zone
  • 5 Candlestick Patterns which Matter
  • Identifying Chart Patterns & Trading
  • Identifying Market Gaps & Trading
  • Deep Understanding of Fibonacci Tool
Part 3:  Fundamental
  • Adv. Fundamental Anatomy
  • News Trading (before the actual news)
  • Trading Currency Co-relations
  • Understanding Conflict of Interest
  • Understanding FOMO
Part 4:  Trading
  • Top Trading Softwares & Features
  • Entering Into a Trade & Closing
  • Putting Take Profit & Stop Losses
  • More Strategies
  • Trading Journal
  • Picking Currency Pairs by Characteristics
Part 5:  Management
  • Money & Risk Management
  • Adv. Hedging
  • Understanding Trading Psychology & Emotions
  • Practical Course Tests

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