Lower spreads are not the only measurement for a good broker, A broker can be bad and offer lower spread under an ECN/RAW spread account. To choose a broker you need to ensure the good regulations, they don’t do bad practices such as hunt the stop loss by sudden wider spread when price near the SL zones, B-Book trading trap, freeze currency pairs when there is a confirm trade going on, don’t lower the leverage so often and many more.

We partnered with Admiral Markets for our primary broker. Our IB number is 12646. You can check about our deal in their live chat. Our deal with admiral markets doesn’t contain a CPA based deal rather a fair revenue sharing based which they earn from a fair spread when you trade as it suppose to be. They don’t add any additional spread for that, Admiral Markets pay us from their income, it does not affect your earnings or trading by any means. Our deal ensures you will be in A Book.  If you sign-up with this link it will put you in our team automatically. Our only priority is your trading environment, if they ever do anything bad/bad practice we will leave them without a question and take legal action. We will add more partnered brokers soon.

The reasons we partnered with Admiral Markets:

  • They are STP broker (brokers won’t be trade against your trade), all of our accounts will be under STP. Their spreads are okay. And They follow NY timing for the chart (most important for price action analysis).
  • They offer all assets under the same roof (you need MT5 to trade everything from same account), 7000 Stocks, Forex, Higher collection of Cryptocurrency. Their cryptocurrency trading is 24/7 days open as it suppose to be, so we won’t miss any crypto trade during the weekend. Their stock trading fees are the lowest in the industry.
  • You would be able to choose ASIC regulation ( Australian) even if you are from EU,  ASIA, or other parts of the world. ASIC regulation will allow you up to 1:500 leverage, Higher leverage is important if you want to trade stocks and crypto from the same account as they required a huge margin.

If you need any help when you are signing up with our brokers you can seek help in our Telegram @MarketTemper , we will be there for you.