Due to selling digital membership/service our hand on refund is very limited! So we have very simple 3 Refund policies they are below:


1. We don’t refund for private couching once session started/scheduled for the subscriber.


2. However a member can claim for refund his payment within first 30 days of payment if he/she can proof with enough evidence that our price action course and premium membership service is not helpful and making continuous lose for him/her.

In that case he/she will carry the payment gateway charges/fees of his/her transaction. Remaining amount will be refund to his original payment source after the fees/charge.


3. We only have a 30 days money back guarantee with ‘Premium membership’. He/she will get back only she paid. He/She can’t claim the full course fees if he/she sign-up with a promotion. They will get only the amount they paid after payment gateway charges/fees.


Once you purchase our membership/courses/services means you agree with our Refund Policy and Terms & Conditions of  our Privacy/User Policy.