Who is Shaon Bhuiya?

Shaon Bhuiya is a price action Trader, Fund Manager, Coach and Financial blogger with more than 8 years of experience trading Forex, CFD and Equities. Now, he is highly regarded for his unique and accurate ‘Price Action’ trading method. His price action course known as ‘Core Price Action’.

Learning forex trading was never been this much easier. This blog is for you if you are looking for a simple and genuine core forex trading education.

How I became a Forex trader?

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Back in 2007 I first heard about online Forex trading from one of my Freelance mate while I was working as a SEO Freelancer  in online marketplaces. I got a very tiny idea on trading that day and thought I would need larger fund to start trading. So, I kept myself busy with SEO. Which was a good idea at that time as I got few national awards on IT Outsourcing later on 2011.

At 2009, One of my friend claimed he was making good amount of money automatic using a robot! I was thrilled and started to learn more about forex robot rather than Forex itself as everybody does in early days!

So, I opened an account almost instantly with small balance of $500 and wiped out in 2 days! Then invested again few days later after learning a bit more about Forex and Indicators. Trust me, I used almost every indicator available by that time and lost the invested fund which was $1500. And a month later I became a news trader by investing another $2000.

Few months later, I heard about Price Action in YouTube and learned a bit more from different blogs and internet forums as I was desperately seeking more about Forex trading method which actually work. And found Price Action is more interesting as I don’t have to rely on any indicators or anything but the price itself!

But I got confused as everybody claims they follow Price Action but the actual price of their Support and Resistant are very different! Sometimes between 15-30 Pips or even more! So, How I suppose to trade them if I am not sure which one to follow? Literary there was no definition how to identify a Support or Resistant. Everybody was guessing from their experience; an example- they normally put an average horizontal line at the Support/Resistant zone and followed the round number. But I was happy, as I was making some money after a long journey.

I found one of my friend whose uncle was leaving a high paying Swiss bank for another higher paying investment bank. Who maintained the Forex department in that Swiss bank! I discovered it while we were both taking rest after a badminton game.

I visited him for a week when he came home at 2010. He taught me how to identify a Support or Resistant by the definition in less than 5 seconds! You don’t have to see the chart to find the support and resistant but the definition! It was revolutionary for me! He made my complicated Forex trading so much easier!

I spent 10-15 minutes a day after the daily closing and trade as a professional trader. There is no other profession that is possible.

7 years later here I am. Making profit consistently ever since. And now I am creating this blog to share my colorful journey and experience with you.

Why Choose Me?

Most Price Action traders don’t give you a simple and clear picture of the Forex market. They make you guess as they do and make things way more complicated for you. You learn nothing as they talk like ancient fortune teller with a lot of riddles.

Here, I will make you an independent trader. You won’t have to even rely on me but yourself. You will be able to identify the exact price of Support and Resistant in few seconds and will know why they are? You will have the ability to know where they are without even looking at the chart! You will learn to identify the Breakout and Fakeout with 100% success and will know why they are?

You will learn to trade other technical chart patterns with perfection which was never been possible before!

You will get here:

[mks_icon icon=”fa-star” color=”#0762a2″ type=”fa”] ‘Core Price Action’ course!
[mks_icon icon=”fa-star” color=”#0762a2″ type=”fa”] Only one time fee & life time pro community access!
[mks_icon icon=”fa-star” color=”#0762a2″ type=”fa”] Simple, Clear and Accurate daily trade updates!
[mks_icon icon=”fa-star” color=”#0762a2″ type=”fa”] My live trades tracks!*
[mks_icon icon=”fa-star” color=”#0762a2″ type=”fa”] Premium forum and updates as soon as entry forms!
[mks_icon icon=”fa-star” color=”#0762a2″ type=”fa”] Know the news impact hours before the news!
[mks_icon icon=”fa-star” color=”#0762a2″ type=”fa”] 3 months intensive care!*
[mks_icon icon=”fa-star” color=”#0762a2″ type=”fa”] Connect with me whenever you need by Email/Skype*

How we can do business?

I can be your fund manager if we have an agreement

Please Contact me So that we can discuss more!
You can send email ‘Shaon[at]FxTemper.com

Our Success Story

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