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Trade Setups for Bitcoin Cash vs Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash vs Tether


This is trade setups for Bitcoin Cash. $BCH having bullish momentum today. I’ve used BITTREX chart, the wired thing is they use a different symbol $BCC instead of $BCH!

Anyway, let’s look the setups.


Bitcoin Cash vs Bitcoin

Bitcoin Cash vs Bitcoin (BCH/BTC)


Symbol in (BITTREX) = BCC/BTC

Time Frame: H4
Temper: Bullish

BUY at 0.1850

Target 1: 0.2400
Target 2: 0.3150
Target 3: 0.3900

Stop Loss: at 0.1400


Bitcoin Cash vs Tether:

Now Let’s look the Bitcoin Cash vs Theter. We are anticipating $BCH market capital would be around 50 billion dollars within Q1 2018 which would value Bitcoin Cash around $3100.

Bitcoin Cash vs Tether (BCH/USDT)


Symbol in (BITTREX) = BCC/USDT
Time Frame: H4
Temper: Bullish

BUY at: 1650.00 to 1700.00

Target 1: 2490.00
Target 2: 3100.00

Stop Loss: 1300.00


Happy trading my friends. It was hell of a weekend for the Cryptocurrencies!

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