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Facts you should know investing on Cryptocurrencies as a non-technical person in 2018!


You already know the power of cryptocurrencies as they are decentralized and give anonymity to its users. They are sort of invincible from tech view. Sometimes criminals use them too. However, I’m going to discuss deep and pointing out some actual financial figures which actually matters.


Who are the Users? Who adds value to some computer codes?

There are many types of users when it comes to cryptocurrencies. Such as:

Collectors, Business & Publishers:

These guys don’t care about the price but the value of freedom it gives and tech enthusiasts will collect them no matter what the price is. Pro activists and medias are giving coverage and these collectors leading the press. Some of them became millionaires overnight and press busy to publish the success stories.

There are more businesses accepting cryptocurrencies every day. Few large corporations will start accepting top coins from the second half of 2018. We expect this user group will value at least 1 trillion dollars by the end of 2018.



Freedom of access and anonymity attract all kind of criminals to the cryptocurrencies. They are looking for such invention for centuries. Tax avoiders, plain criminals, drag businesses, hacking groups and many more.

The Global black market is 7% of the Global GDP 80 Trillion Dollars. Which is 5.6 Trillion Dollars. At least half of them would be using cryptocurrencies by the end of 2018. Let’s say it’s 2 Trillion dollars (only 36%).

World Offshore Banking has 21 trillion dollars, most of these are smart money and held to avoid tax. So, they can’t transfer them to the bank account or cash them as paper money because they would get caught. Cryptocurrency gives them easy and safe passes. At least ¼ of this money should invest and transfer through cryptocurrencies by the end of the 2020. Let’s say it is 5 Trillion Dollars.



Trading cryptocurrencies is already a big thing. These are the smartest people in this story. Traders can trade 7 days a week and have a lot of currencies to invest, no SEC or FBI is watching over. Their profits are safe and can avoid taxes if they want. And moreover, they can transfer their trading capital and transactions within a few minutes and transactions cost is the fraction to compare the regular banking system.

Cryptocurrency is a perfect solution for traders. They won’t put all the eggs into one basket, here comes alt-coins profitability. We should see a lot of alt-coins in the near future and they would be highly profitable. I expect at least 1 Trillion Dollars market capital from this user group before 2019.

So it’s total 9 to 10 Trillion Dollars market and expects that to happen before 2020! 2018 is the raising year for Cryptocurrencies. More acceptance and users will be added to the communities. I expect minimum Market Capital of whole Cryptocurrencies in 2018 would be at least 3 Trillion dollars.


X Factors:

There are always chances that more governments can ban cryptocurrencies if criminal activities rise in the future. However, it shouldn’t be a problem with a long run though the price could be fallen for a while.

would be a serious threat to the Central Banks and our regular banking system as it was printed newspapers vs online newspapers. The more modern nations would accept or introduce their national cryptocurrencies, which would be a positive for cryptocurrency community.

Despite all of these facts, cryptocurrency won’t take place the regular currency overnight as it won’t have such large users for everyday life as fiat currency does, there is a large percentage of our world population who aren’t technologically advanced yet to use cryptocurrencies. Actually, it doesn’t matter, cryptocurrencies will lead modern transactions and more users will be added by the passing of time.


Bitcoin in 2018 and its Market Capital


Bitcoin is the leader of cryptocurrency industry and most people understand cryptocurrency is the technical name of Bitcoin! Bitcoin should have at least 40% market Capital of total 3 Trillion dollars, which is 1.2 Trillion dollars. If you invest now your investment would worth 5 times by the end of 2018.

Market Capital: 1.2 Trillion dollars

Price of Each Bitcoin: $72,000 ($60 for each Billion Dollars)

Threat: None in 2018,

Where to Buy and Sell?
You can buy Between $10,000 to $ 15,000, Our Next technical Resistance or profit target is $30,000 which should reach before March 2018 then a re-test to $20,000 price then price would hit $50,000. There would be a lot of world breaking news. Final target is $70,000 to $72,000 in 2018. In the following year of 2019, we expect the price of Bitcoin crosses $100,000


Ethereum in 2018 and its Market Cap.


Ethereum is the second most popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. It has a Market Capital of 10%, which we expect to rise in 2018. It has a more and faster transaction capacity than Bitcoin. So, 10% of 3 Trillion dollars market capital is 300 billion dollars. Your investment would worth 7 times by the end of the 2018!

Market cap: 300 Billion Dollars

Price of Each Ethereum: $3100+ ($10.40 for each Billion Dollars)

Threat: None in 2018, (I’ll update ASAP if any)

Where to Buy and Sell?
You can buy Ethereum right now. Between $350 to $450 is a great price to buy. Anything below $350 would give you intrinsic value. $1040 once market capital hit 100 billion. $2080 when market capital hit 200 billion.


Hope you enjoy my simple and logical analysis; you can find the in-depth technical analysis for more profitability on my website or to this telegram channel and my Twitter. Stay updated.

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