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Ethereum & Litecoin updates of December 2017- For non-technical Investors!



Ethereum is the 2nd most loved cryptocurrency. It takes less than a minute to transfer while Bitcoin now takes more than 30 minutes for a transaction! Ethereum price looks very strong and I’m super bullish on ETH. There are number of technical and fundamental reasons behind that. Such as:


Technical Reasons:

  • Tried to break below the support $625 but reject it by super bullish move above $650
  •  Next 2-weeks price forecast is $832 then $936 on (90 Billion Market Capital)
  •  Price should move towards $1040 on any positive report within next 3 weeks!



  • More than 80% Tokens are Ethereum based & getting bigger market cap and popularity everyday.
  • Big corporations are backing it e.g Microsoft, JP Morgan & more new corporations starts recognize it such as Surf Air here is a source
  • Adoption of ethereum blockchain based platform is raising in real business such as Air New Zealand
  • Ethereum Futures will be available in early 2018 on US Exchanges as BTC already started. Here is some good source among many
  • Getting more media coverage now, which would influence people who failed bying Bitcoin at early days.


  • Any control over ICO’s (Ban/Regulation) could hit Ethereum price really bad for a while.



Litecoin might get some correction. But everything depends on next price action. Market just hit 20 Billion Market Capital at $370. Forecast for next 3 weeks.



  • Next Price would be $462 if price break above $370, price of the next 2 daily candle closing is important
  • $555 is the resistance and full potential target if price break bullish above $370. Market Cap. Would be 30 Billion with the price $555
  • Price could fall towards $150 if break below $260. Need to watch carefully.



  • Now you can directly buy Litecoin by fiat currency, no need BTC tokens, eg. coinbase
  • Litecoin has its own image, it’s not a competitor of Bitcoin or Ethereum,
  • It carries less downfall risk than Bitcoin or Ethereum and much older by age comparing other alt coins.
  • Founded by trusted people like Charlie Lee , Shaolifry (one of the great mind behind Bitcoin’s protocol)
  • Supply only 54 millions. And overlooked & undervalued by mass crowd.


Hope you enjoy my simple and logical analysis; you can find the in-depth technical analysis for more profitability on my website or to this telegram channel and my Twitter. Stay updated.

  1. Fadli says

    Hi.. really Appreciate ur post..
    Could I ask, how could u interpret a confirmation of a resistance or a support? For example, ‘need confirmation closed 2 candles in D1 chart. Why don’t we confirm it on H4 or even H5 chart? The part makes I confused is when we’ve already set resistance/support area, how and how long should the confirmation decided? Thanks

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