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Who is Shaon Bhuiya?

Shaon Bhuiya is a price action Trader, Fund Manager & Coach with more than 8 years of experience trading Forex, Options, Equities, CFDs and other Asset Classes. Now, he is one of the leading professional Cryptocurrency Analyst. He is highly regarded for his unique and accurate ‘Price Action’ trading method. His price action style known as ‘Core Price Action‘.

He founded for those who want to make money constantly with almost no risk by spending less than an hour a day! Learning professional trading was never been this much easier. This blog is for you if you are looking for a simple and genuine trading education. His price action analysis is different, not looks fancy but it’s simpler and works every single time which you can easily verify if you follow this blog only for a couple of weeks.

Why Choose Me?

Most Price Action traders don’t give you a simple and clear picture of the underlying asset. They make you guess as they do (based on nonsense RSI/MACD which worked during 70’s not now) and make things way more complicated for you. You learn nothing as they talk like ancient fortune teller with a lot of riddles.

Here, I will make you an independent trader. You won’t have to even rely on me but yourself. You will be able to identify the exact price of a Support and Resistant within few seconds and will understand why they are? You will have the ability to know where they are without even looking at the chart! You will learn to identify the Breakout and Fakeout with 100% success and will know why they are?

You will learn to trade other technical chart patterns with perfection which was never been possible before!

You will get here:

  •  ‘Core Price Action’ course!
  • Learn Complete Trading (FX, Options, Cryptocurrencies, Equities, CFDs, Commodities & other asset classes )
  • Learn how to hold same underlying asset with different methods with low cost and significant less risk!
  • Only one time fee & life time Pro-community/Telegram access!
  • Simple, Clear and Accurate daily trade updates!
  • My live trades tracks!* Premium forum and updates as soon as entry forms!
  • Know the news impact hours before the news!
  • 3 months intensive care!*
  • Connect with me whenever you need by Email/Skype/WhatsApp/Telegram* .
  • Be independent trader and trade on any trading method which suits you.

How we can do business?

I can be your fund manager if we have an agreement

Regular Trading:

I’m ready to be your fund manager if you are looking for FX, Options, Equities, CFD’s or commodities trading based on profit sharing or Fixed Fees. Please Contact me to discuss more.


Cryptocurrency Trading Upon Profit Sharing:

(This ratio is only for Cryptocurrencies)

  • 1 to 3 BTC its 50% from the Profit.
  • 3 to 8 BTC its 40% from the profit.
  • 8-15 BTC its 30% from the profit.
  • 15 to 40 BTC its 25% from the profit. Above that its 20% from the profit.


Starting the Contract:

You have to provide me the API trading access (most exchanges offer it). For trading security, you have to escrow 20% of the capital (one or multiple times) to a Freelancing/Outsourcing or a site who allow escrow upon agreed terms. Website like,, . This is for the security reason for both parties.


Profit Target (ROI):

My Profit Goal is 100% return in every 3 months (However, this is the worst case scenario), As you can see in our Free Telegram Channel that my monthly ROI is more than 100% but we will count in every 3 months so that I trade safely and your expectation remain logical. My trading goal is safety first and portfolio will be diversified.

We both will be connected through Skype/WhatsApp. And you will get regular trading updates in every Monday (EST time).